Donations Strategy Committee Update: 
The Committee is almost finished. The Board is expected to review the Donations Strategy Policy on Oct. 10th. The Policy will be discussed with the membership at the next meeting on Oct. 16th. We thank those Club members who have participated in this process by answering the Survey, sending possible recipients to the Committee. Once the Board has approved the Policy, we expect the application process to begin with the Club contacting the possible recipients with an application for funding. We thank the Committee for their work: Marilyn Lowther, Hannah Bell, Wes MacAleer, Peter MacDougald, Paul Crant,  Melanie MacDonald, Regan Lewis, Moe Rodgerson, and Martin Ruben.
Previous Donations Strategy Committee/Club work:
An email was sent to the Club on Aug. 23rd from Committee Chair, Marilyn Lowther, requesting Club members to come forward with additional information if they are directly involved in community groups that serves youth, seniors, and poverty. These service areas were determined by the membership survey in June as areas of focus for the development of a Donations/Service Strategy Policy. Committee work is moving along quickly and members of the Committee will be in contact with those who have responded to Marilyn's email.
Bylaw Update Committee:
The process is still underway but moving along well. We expect to have a fully updated set of Bylaws with updated Policies to be placed before the Board within 1 month. Once the Board has reviewed and approved the Bylaws updates, we hope to have the updated Bylaws before the membership within two months for a vote.