We have a committed team of Rotarians which come every week or those that are in a rotation. We would like to thank those members which have been at the Bingo to volounteer their time. Here is a list of Rotarians which we have been hounoured to work with:
Edna Reid, Lori Carver, Sandra MacKay, Katherine Burnett, Donna McIver, Craid Bradley, Moe Rodgerson, Richard MacEwen, Hal Parker, Chelsey Rogerson, Wes MacAleer, Bush Dumville, Larry Sider, Martin Ruben, Ken Gillis, Sarah Flohr, Melanie MacDonald, Krystine Richards, Wendi James-Poirier, Peter Boswall, Paul Crant, Lorne Moase, Naj Chishti. We may have missed some.
For those members not volounteering at the Bingo, we can look at alternative fundraisers, so they can also make a contribution to the Fundraising efforts of the Club.  
Bingo Roles: Please note each role requires a time commitment of approximately 1.5hrs
Switchboard- 1 individual to route calls from main switchboard that will route callers to one of 3 extensions.
Phones - (4 members in total) this group takes calls from potential winners and confirms valid win by, confirming number within the free, and serial number at the top of the card and colour card. Will also obtain name and phone number of winner(s) in order for call back to retrieve mailing address upon the end of the program. This group will also track the balls being called in numerical order in order to provide that information to callers if/when needed.   
Laptop and Runner - 2 individuals to sit and man software and act as communications between phone team and announcer. One will enter the numbers as they are called, the other will act as a go between with those taking calls in regards to potential winners calling as well as passing winners names to DJ booth who will announce the winner(s) and location of purchase once win has been validated. 
Host - 1 individual to sit in booth with who will ensure MacInnis Express is mentioned as courier of choice for radio bingo. Ensure distributors and audience/players are thanked and fill time gaps during winner verification in partnership with our DJ (Nick Young)
Distribution - 4-5 individuals to prepare card packets for delivery and unpack returning card packets- includes record keeping of incoming and outgoing serial numbers of cards and also volume per distribution location and volume returned unsold.